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Bench Hestercombe
In stock 
We all might think that the most essential part of a garden is the flowers and the plants that are making it up. But how will you enjoy the essence of having a beautiful flowers and plants if you do not have place to sit and relax? We suggest you to place garden benches which will allow you to...
Group: benches made of natural wood
Sun Lounger Atlanta
In stock 
Sturdy and extremly durable, the Sun Lounger goes well beside any pool. Its sturdiness has made it the lounger of choice for many commerical applications!
Group: Chaise lounges
Swan Carved Mirror
In stock 
If you are looking for a contemporary or traditional framed mirror, we have what you are looking for. We providemirrorsfor every part of your home.
Group: Mirror interior
In stock 
Changing the look of a room is as easy as updating your bedroom dressers . The elegant and modern dresser is a statement in simplicity and beauty.
Group: Dressing tables
Bedside table
In stock 
We have also a bedside table which is very important since it is where you will place your stuff while you take a rest.
Group: Bedside table
In stock 
Relax and unwind in one of our luxuriously comfortable sofas.
Group: Sofa, couch
Bar stool
In stock 
Bar stools are a type of tall stool, often with a foot rest, which because of their height and narrowness are designed for seating in a public house or bar. However, bar stools are becoming more popular in homes, usually placed at the kitchen counter or at a home bar.
Group: Bar stools
Rocking chair
In stock 
There are a lot of things that could bring some comfort to us. But there are only a few things that would be able to bring us a vintage feel of comfort. Only a few things would be able to bring us back to the old days when our mom would rock us to sleep whenever we feel down and low or whenever...
Group: Armchair-rocking chair
Slatback Chair
In stock 
Dining chairs are a fantastic way to update your dining room without having to spend a fortune. Have you ever thought if only I just had enough money to modify my formal dining room? Or do you have a larger dining room table but not enough chairs? Or maybe one of your dining room chairs...
Group: Chairs for dining room
TV Stand
In stock 
Wood is one of the most versatile materials for building TV stands.Wooden TV stands are available in a wide range of different colours, textures, styles and finishes.
Group: Household TV tables
TV Cabinet
In stock 
If you're looking for a perfect TV cabinet that is functional and sturdy at the same time, try wooden TV cabinets as this perfectly fit any modern living room and are stylish enough to complement the overall look of your living room.
Group: Furniture for TV & HiFi
In stock 
An armoire is a tall, freestanding cabinet with doors that hide shelves and drawers. There is also space for hanging clothes.This piece of furniture in its present form was devised by the French in the 17th century. The armoire is a derived from the humble chest, and the name comes from the...
Group: Cases


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